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12' AGU Fall Meeting

I attended at American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting 2012 from 3 - 7 Sep at Moscone Center in San Francisco, USA. I presented in a poster session on Friday afternoon. There were many people who left the meeting until evening in Friday because of their fright times, so fewer researcher came to see my poster than I had expected. But I had very active discussion with some researchers and students!

Moscone West Entrance

My poster about marine carbon cycle during the last deglaciation

It was my first time to attend the meeting, and I was so surprised at many attendees , number of presentation for a week and bigness of the hall! I heard that 25,000 people were there this year.

at 'ice breaking'
 Student mixing was held in the morning on Tuesday, and young scientists met together.

at student breakfast 'mixing'
Also, I was surprised that they offered free coffee and beer (!!) at rest times (morning, afternoon) and I saw a very long row by those who want them.

So many attendees in an elevator of Moscone South

A long row of NASA's calendar

So many posters at Poster Hall!
I had never seen many researchers who I knew only their names, so it was very exciting experience to listen to their oral presentation!

In my case, R. Zeebe, R. A. Feely, M. Gagan, K. Caldeira, K. Allen, S. Burke, D. Sinclair, D. Lea, D. Lund, J. Rae and so on.

There are so many interesting studies, and I studied a lot while one-week meeting. I was so stimulated.