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IODP Exp.361 "Southern African Climates (SAFARI)"

I will join the IODP Exp.361 "Southern African Climates (SAFARI)" as a sedimentologist.

Today I leave Haneda International Airport (Japan) for Mauritius via Dubai.
(By the way, today is my 29th birthday.)

A drilling ship, JOIDES Resolution is waiting for cruise members in Port Louis already. And it is surprised that R/V Hakuho-maru, a research ship owned by The Univ. Tokyo, also is staying in the same place!

It is for the first time for me to see African Continent, Madagascar Island, coral reefs in Mauritius! So I'm so excited.

In this expedition, I'm going to obtain planktonic foraminifers' samples preserved in the sediment in the southeastern Africa and measure boron isotopes of their shells.
I hope we can get plenty, well-preserved samples, and there is no conflicts between scientists.

We will leave ship at Cape town, Republic of South Africa  after about two month operation in the sea.

I will return to Japan on 2nd April. During the expedition I have to prepare a presentation at a scientific conference that will be held from 3rd April!

Additionally, I will revise two manuscript of scientific papers (one was now under the review and the other will be submitted soon).

Ah, I wanna forget about them because I have to work 12 hours a day without holiday two month.

Bellow are details of the expedition.

Press release from JAMSTEC
Details of the expedition from Texas A&M University




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