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気になった一文集(English ver. No.1)

... how science is a self-correcting process and that thousands of independent studies from various institutions and countries build on one another to form our current state of knowledge. 

Ilissa B. Ocko、 Michael E. Mannの書籍紹介にて。Science 337 pp. 296


More analytical development and more empirical validation is necessary to fully realize the potential of boron isotopes as a paleo-pH measure, but great care needs to be taken to insure we do not step backwards in this endeavor.

Barbel Honisch et al. (2007, GCA) pp. 1640


It's the future that doesn't look kind.

Robert F. Service (Science 13 July 2012) pp. 148


Give me half a tanker of iron and I'll give you the next ice age.

John Martinの有名な言葉。Ken O. Buesseler (Nature 19 July 2012) pp. 305


Probably the overall biggest risk is our lack of imagination.

Steven Lee、Natureの火星探査ローバー着陸の記事より。Nature 2 August 2012 pp. 16


…the warming itself could be throwing a monkey wrench in the works by stressing plants and slowing their uptake of carbon dioxide. Some researchers have in fact reported a worrying slowing of carbon dioxide uptake in one part of the globe or another.

News of the weekの地球の二酸化炭素吸収に関する記事より。Science (3 August 2012) pp. 508


…statistics let us say with a high degree of confidence that we would not have had such an extreme anomaly this summer in the absence of global warming

NASA/GISSのJames Hansenの言葉。


Because mineral production continues to be necessary for economic development, the recycling and reuse of mining and mineral-processing wastes are important management strategies now and in the future
Science 記事(Vol. 337 pp. 702-703)。鉱山開発とそれに伴う廃棄物の発生を受けて。


We’re going to try to string together as many pearls as we think we can identify from orbit, and then explore them as we drive along

Nature記事(vol. 488 pp. 137-138) 探査機Curiocityの火星着陸成功を受けて。


Many fear that climate change will lead to coastal flooding, an increase in the prevalence of vector- and water-borne infectious diseases, and conflict over fossil fuels, water and food. Clearly, action is needed.

Nature記事(Vol. 488 pp. 293) 新たなエネルギー源のレビュー。


Because credibility is conferred by the audience, not the speaker, it is essential that scientists be seen as objective, citing the facts without an overlay of their own personal values.

Science記事(Vol. 337 pp. 777) 編集部。サイエンスコミュニケーションについて。