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27 August 2013; Vol. 110, No. 35
Hot climates, high sensitivity
R. T. Pierrehumbert
Caballero & Huberの解説記事。

Enhanced basal lubrication and the contribution of the Greenland ice sheet to future sea-level rise
Sarah R. Shannon et al.

State-dependent climate sensitivity in past warm climates and its implications for future climate projections <OPEN>
Rodrigo Caballero and Matthew Huber

Differential mobilization of terrestrial carbon pools in Eurasian Arctic river basins
Xiaojuan Feng et al.

Near-term climate mitigation by short-lived forcers <OPEN>
Steven J. Smith and Andrew Mizrahi
比較的大気中の滞留時間が短い気候変化の要因(メタンやブラックカーボンなど)の削減による影響を評価。炭素質エアロゾル排出やエアロゾルのフォーシングの不確実性から、これらの削減が近未来の気候変化緩和(near-term climate mitigation)にそれほど大きく寄与しないことが示された(2050年で0.04 - 0.35 ℃の温暖化の緩和)。
>関連した記事(Science#6149 "Editors' Choice")
Which Emissions to Reduce?

Neandertals made the first specialized bone tools in Europe <OPEN>
Marie Soressi et al.

Reconciling migration models to the Americas with the variation of North American native mitogenomes <OPEN>
Alessandro Achilli et al.

3 September 2013; Vol. 110, No. 36
Letters (Online Only)
Lack of chronological support for stepwise prehuman extinctions of Australian megafauna
Barry W. Brook et al.

Reply to Brook et al: No empirical evidence for human overkill of megafauna in Sahul
Stephen Wroe et al.

A cold, hard look at ancient oxygen
Boswell A. Wing

Surface chemistry allows for abiotic precipitation of dolomite at low temperature <OPEN>
Jennifer A. Roberts, Paul A. Kenward, David A. Fowle, Robert H. Goldstein, Luis A. González, and David S. Moore

Dynamic model constraints on oxygen-17 depletion in atmospheric O2 after a snowball Earth
Xiaobin Cao and Huiming Bao

Synchronous interhemispheric Holocene climate trends in the tropical Andes
Pratigya J. Polissar, Mark B. Abbott, Alexander P. Wolfe, Mathias Vuille, and Maximiliano Bezada

10 September 2013; Vol. 110, No. 37
Contribution of solar radiation to decadal temperature variability over land  <OPEN>
Kaicun Wang and Robert E. Dickinson

Tapping unsustainable groundwater stores for agricultural production in the High Plains Aquifer of Kansas, projections to 2110  <OPEN>
David R. Steward, Paul J. Bruss, Xiaoying Yang, Scott A. Staggenborg, Stephen M. Welch, and Michael D. Apley