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新着論文(SR, PNAS, Ncom)

Scientific Reports
☆1 October 2013
High-resolution summer precipitation variations in the western Chinese Loess Plateau during the last glacial <OPEN>
Zhiguo Rao, Fahu Chen, Hai Cheng, Weiguo Liu, Guo'an Wang, Zhongping Lai & Jan Bloemendal

Solar forcing of the Indian summer monsoon variability during the Ållerød period <OPEN>
Anil K. Gupta, Kuppusamy Mohan, Moumita Das & Raj K. Singh
アラビア海から採取された堆積物コア中のG. bulloidesの存在量(湧昇の指標)から過去14-8kaの高解像度記録を得た。特にB/Aに焦点を当てて解析したところ、13.5-13.3kaにピークを持つ寒冷化イベントが検出された。このときの記録をスペクトル解析したところ、208年の太陽活動の周期が確認された(de Vries / Suess cycle)。

Nature Communications
25 September 2013
Human impacts drive a global topographic signature in tree cover
Brody Sandel and Jens-Christian Svenning

1 October 2013
Regional population collapse followed initial agriculture booms in mid-Holocene Europe <OPEN>
Stephen Shennan, Sean S. Downey, Adrian Timpson, Kevan Edinborough, Sue Colledge, Tim Kerig, Katie Manning and Mark G. Thomas

Advancing plant phenology and reduced herbivore production in a terrestrial system associated with sea ice decline
Jeffrey T. Kerby and Eric Post

24 September 2013(Vol. 110, No. 39)
Regional and seasonal response of a West Nile virus vector to climate change
Cory W. Morin and Andrew C. Comrie

Broad-scale predictability of carbohydrates and exopolymers in Antarctic and Arctic sea ice
Graham J. C. Underwood, Shazia N. Aslam, Christine Michel, Andrea Niemi, Louiza Norman, Klaus M. Meiners, Johanna Laybourn-Parry, Harriet Paterson, and David N. Thomas

1 October 2013(Vol. 110, No. 40)
Forecasting fisheries collapse
Steven D. Gaines and Christopher Costello

Evidence for a rapid release of carbon at the Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum
James D. Wright and Morgan F. Schaller

Predicting overfishing and extinction threats in multispecies fisheries
Matthew G. Burgess, Stephen Polasky, and David Tilman