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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
15 October 2013; Vol. 110, No. 42
Letters (Online Only)
Does model-free forecasting really outperform the true model?
Florian Hartig and Carsten F. Dormann
Reply to Hartig and Dormann: The true model myth
Charles T. Perretti, Stephan B. Munch, and George Sugihara

Hydrologic impacts of past shifts of Earth’s thermal equator offer insight into those to be produced by fossil fuel CO2
Wallace S. Broecker and Aaron E. Putnam

Research Articles
Historical warming reduced due to enhanced land carbon uptake <OPEN>
Elena Shevliakova, Ronald J. Stouffer, Sergey Malyshev, John P. Krasting, George C. Hurtt, and Stephen W. Pacala
>関連した記事(Nature#7469 "RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS")
How plants helped Earth to stay cool
>関連した記事(Science#6157 "Editors' Choice")
Historical Carbon Uptake

Oxygen dynamics in the aftermath of the Great Oxidation of Earth’s atmosphere
Donald E. Canfield et al.

Source of the great A.D. 1257 mystery eruption unveiled, Samalas volcano, Rinjani Volcanic Complex, Indonesia <OPEN>
Franck Lavigne et al.

22 October 2013; Vol. 110, No. 43
Letters (Online Only)
African hominin stable isotopic data do not necessarily indicate grass consumption
Maelán Fontes-Villalba, Pedro Carrera-Bastos, and Loren Cordain

Reply to Fontes-Villalba et al.: On a reluctance to conjecture about animal food consumption
Matt Sponheimer, Zeresenay Alemseged, Thure E. Cerling, Frederick E. Grine, William H. Kimbel, Meave G. Leakey, Julia A. Lee-Thorp, Fredrick Kyalo Manthi, Kaye E. Reed, Bernard A. Wood, and Jonathan G. Wynn

More evidence for anthropogenic influence on climate change
Gerald R. North
Santer et al.の解説記事。

Research Articles
Holocene dynamics of the Florida Everglades with respect to climate, dustfall, and tropical storms
Paul H. Glaser, Barbara C. S. Hansen, Joe J. Donovan, Thomas J. Givnish, Craig A. Stricker, and John C. Volin

Delayed detection of climate mitigation benefits due to climate inertia and variability
Claudia Tebaldi and Pierre Friedlingstein

Human and natural influences on the changing thermal structure of the atmosphere
Benjamin D. Santer, Jeffrey F. Painter, Céline Bonfils, Carl A. Mears, Susan Solomon, Tom M. L. Wigley, Peter J. Gleckler, Gavin A. Schmidt, Charles Doutriaux, Nathan P. Gillett, Karl E. Taylor, Peter W. Thorne, and Frank J. Wentz

29 October 2013; Vol. 110, No. 44
Research Articles
Tales of volcanoes and El-Niño southern oscillations with the oxygen isotope anomaly of sulfate aerosol
Robina Shaheen, Mariana Abauanza, Teresa L. Jackson, Justin McCabe, Joel Savarino, and Mark H. Thiemens

Isotopic composition of atmospheric nitrate in a tropical marine boundary layer
Joel Savarino, Samuel Morin, Joseph Erbland, Francis Grannec, Matthew D. Patey, William Vicars, Becky Alexander, and Eric P. Achterberg

Measurements of methane emissions at natural gas production sites in the United States
David T. Allen, Vincent M. Torres, James Thomas, David W. Sullivan, Matthew Harrison, Al Hendler, Scott C. Herndon, Charles E. Kolb, Matthew P. Fraser, A. Daniel Hill, Brian K. Lamb, Jennifer Miskimins, Robert F. Sawyer, and John H. Seinfeld

5 November 2013; Vol. 110, No. 45
Letters (Online Only)
Younger Dryas impact model confuses comet facts, defies airburst physics
Mark Boslough, Alan W. Harris, Clark Chapman, and David Morrison

Reply to Boslough et al.: Decades of comet research counter their claims
William M. Napier, Ted E. Bunch, James P. Kennett, James H. Wittke, Kenneth B. Tankersley, Gunther Kletetschka, George A. Howard, and Allen West

Research Articles
Stratospheric water vapor feedback
A. E. Dessler, M. R. Schoeberl, T. Wang, S. M. Davis, and K. H. Rosenlof

Earth-viewing satellite perspectives on the Chelyabinsk meteor event <OPEN>
Steven D. Miller, William C. Straka III, A. Scott Bachmeier, Timothy J. Schmit, Philip T. Partain, and Yoo-Jeong Noh

Cyclic 100-ka (glacial-interglacial) migration of subseafloor redox zonation on the Peruvian shelf
Sergio Contreras, Patrick Meister, Bo Liu, Xavier Prieto-Mollar, Kai-Uwe Hinrichs, Arzhang Khalili, Timothy G. Ferdelman, Marcel M. M. Kuypers, and Bo Barker Jørgensen
ペルー沖で採取されたODP201 Site 1229の堆積物コアを用いて、堆積物中の微生物活動と気候変動との関係性を議論。

Increased dry-season length over southern Amazonia in recent decades and its implication for future climate projection <OPEN>
Rong Fu, Lei Yin, Wenhong Li, Paola A. Arias, Robert E. Dickinson, Lei Huang, Sudip Chakraborty, Katia Fernandes, Brant Liebmann, Rosie Fisher, and Ranga B. Myneni
1979年以来、アマゾン熱帯雨林南部の乾季が長くなっており、森林火災の継続期間も長くなっている。大気循環の変化によって、南半球の亜熱帯ジェットの位置が極側にシフトしていることが原因の一つと考えられている。しかしそれが人為起源の変化なのかはまだよく分かっていない。IPCC AR5の気候モデルでもまだうまく再現できておらず、その影響評価が過小評価されている可能性があり、今後よりいっそう研究する必要がある。

Long-term fate of nitrate fertilizer in agricultural soils <OPEN>
Mathieu Sebilo, Bernhard Mayer, Bernard Nicolardot, Gilles Pinay, and André Mariotti

Functional traits predict relationship between plant abundance dynamic and long-term climate warming <OPEN>
Nadejda A. Soudzilovskaia, Tatiana G. Elumeeva, Vladimir G. Onipchenko, Islam I. Shidakov, Fatima S. Salpagarova, Anzor B. Khubiev, Dzhamal K. Tekeev, and Johannes H. C. Cornelissen
気候変化に対する生態系の応答を正確に予測することが生態学の最大目標の一つである。植物をそれぞれの種ごとに考えるのではなく、一連の生態系機能(a set of functional traits)として捉えることで、気候変化が炭素・栄養塩循環に与える影響を予測する能力が高まると思われる。