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The first core

Yesterday, we finished drilling sediment cores at the first core site, Natal Valley.

It was so exciting to see how the drilling device are combined and how coring operation are conducted.

The lithology of the core looks similar to all depth (about 300 m were drilled with almost 100% recovery), so descriptions of the core and smear slide observation is quite simple. Foraminifer shells, that I hope to obtain, are abundant in the sediment, but core disturbances are severe.

Now we are drilling the second core in the same site. As there is no large changes in lithology, it is dull to describe all cores again!

But this procedure is important because both end of cores (upper and lower parts) are generally destroyed and we must splice it with the adjacent cores (Hole B, C etc.).

It takes long time for my body to adopt to irregular rhythm of life in the ship (wake up at 23:00 and sleep at 15:00).

I can not sleep well in the bed although I go to gym every two days for running and training my muscle.

Food in the ship is so nice that I can hardly become fed up with.

We will stay at this site in at least 5 days. We are looking for something interesting and stimulating!

Smear Slide Observation

Sediment core description