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1、新着論文 2、論文概説 3、コラム 4、本のレビュー 5、雑記(PC・研究関連)
6、気になった一文集(日本語English) 7、日記(日本語English


From South of Madagascar

Now we are heading for first core site, Natal Valley. We revised the drilling plan because of some diplomatic issue.
There are often piracy in the north of Madagascar Island, thus we are now going in the southern course.

Currently we are discussing how to describe the splitted core, how to handle them, and how to write the report.

It is two days left until we arrive at the first core site. We must make ourselves fitted to day/night shift until the arrival. I'm in a night shift, so I will wake up in the mid-night and go to bed in the afternoon.

I have a really good friendship with members of this expedition, and enjoy a conversation with them so much! We are the family because we will spend dense two months together and our relationship will last for a couple of decades after this expedition, too.
JOIDES Resolution

A sign we found in the town of Port Louis!

Safety emergency drill

A magnificent sunset seen from the JR

A beautiful rainbow when we leave the port

A tag boat pull the JR during the departure