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International community

I've got on board the US drilling ship JOIDES Resolution that is staying in Port Louis.

The inside of the ship is so clean and faculty members and staffs are very kind.

I really enjoy the meals here, and sometimes go to restaurant in waterfront area.

Scientific party is very international, and people come from US, Japan, Germany, UK, France, Australia, Brazil, China, and so on. My room mate is French.
I enjoy talking with new international friends, although I don't remember their names yet. The contents of the talk are mainly on science and culture of our own countries.

No one can properly pronounce/remember either Kaoru or Kubota, thus I will tell them "Just call me K".

Dr. K. 

It's a good name because there is a famous character in Japanese comic named Dr. K.
By the way, KUBOTA is popular in Japan owing to famous agricultural company and sake.

We share the cabin by two people in the ship, because a working shift is separated by day/night.
My shit is decided to be night shift. I will work from 0:00 to 12:00 every day. Thus I planed my life schedule as follows,

23:00 wake up

23:20 breakfast

0:00 the shift start

6:00 lunch

12:00 the shift end

12:20 dinner

13:00 training at gym

15:00 go to bed

It is very funny schedule. But considering a jet lug between here and Japan, it is very regular.
Thus, I may not suffer from the jet lug so much after I come back to Japan.