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Mozambique Chanel

We arrived at the 3rd drilling site, Mozambique Chanel.

This area was before drilled under the DSDP cruise (Site 252) and the drilled core is archived in Kochi Core Center.
We expect that we can obtain well-preserved pelagic sediments covering Plio-Pleistocene. Sedimentation is not so high that we will easily get to Pliocene/Miocene boundary.

The sea is covered with a lot of eddies due to complex ocean current systems and characteristic geography, but wave is somewhat calm. I can feel almost no movement of the ship.

After the arrival of the first core, we will spend very busy three weeks until the port call.
We will have to describe sediment cores while preparing for site summary, and then transit to the next site.

I hope I can see a lot of planktonic foraminifers in the sediments that will be used for isotopic measurements during post-cruise moratorium period.

ETA of the first core is when I'm dreaming in the bed today.