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End of X

We finally decided to finish coring operations in the last site, CAPE.
All laboratory are ready to be closed after cleaning up and returning the things as they were.

Shipboard scientist must keep in shift, until 6:00h on 31 March, and we will leave the JR at 9:00h.
We will go to the hotel together by bus, and that is the end of all activities of the ex[edition.
After that, we are free!

I'm planing to enjoy sight-seeing in the Cape Town, but first of all, I need good beer!

It will be a long day, because I must keep awake for about 20 hours until I go to bed in the hotel.
We have the right to enjoy the party, because 2 month long cruise will finally end.

This is the last diary that I write in English (and from the JR).
I will post a blog about my first experience of IODP cruise, after I come back to Japan, will will be written in Japanese. I hope it will help young scientists who have interests in joining the IODP expedition in the future.