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PAGES OSM 2017 at Zaragoza

Two weeks ago, I attended at the PAGES Open Science Meeting held at Zaragoza, Spain.
I presented isotope and sclerochronology records of bivalve shells collected from NE Japan.

It was a long, long journey from Japan to Zaragoza via Doha (~20 hours flight in total). During the trip, I missed connection at Doha International Airport because of a just 30 minutes delay of the arrival.

The airpot desk arranged me to take a rest at a hotel in the central city of Doha (though it was only two hour stay). 

After a short stay at the hotel (and a nice buffet style breakfast), I returned to Doha International Airport and successfully got on the airplane to Madrid.

It was 20:00 pm that I arrived at Madrid Airport, and I got on a bus I re-reserved.
It was midnight (~3:00) when I arrived at Zaragoza.

Auditorium of Zaragoza where the meeting was held

Zaragoza was a nice city. There were a limited number of tourists from Asia!
The street was neat, and the atmosphere was very good.

The Zaragoza central city, from the other side of a river

The meeting was not a tight schedule, so that we enjoyed presentation without sleepiness.
There were a lot of exciting presentation for me. Then I realized that I have to work even harder!

Very crowded poster hall

Closing ceremony of the PAGES OSM

One evening we played a soccer, strictly speaking a fotsal, in a park nearby the auditorium.

A "modeller" team I belonged to (I'm a proxy-based scientist!) won the championship and I was selected as a "top scorer"!!

I really enjoyed a one week stay at Zaragoza, except for a long flight time.